About the company

Agromax Group was founded in 2011. The company names says it all - Agro for agricultural, max to achieve the maximum results.
Our main goals are:
  • To supply hay baler twine and net;
  • To supply silage stretch film and silage sheets;
  • To supply original spare parts for Manitou telescopic handlers;
  • To service, maintain and repair telescopic handlers;
  • To supply new and used agricultural machinery (handlers,balers,etc);
  • To supply all the necessary packing materials.
 Our company is growing dynamically in the agricultural market, and we are constantly expanding our range of services and spare parts. We work very successfully with both foreign and domestic manufacturers.

We are really proud of the results of our work. Customers choose us for efficiency, quality of service and the ability to contact us at any time. Our professionals use the specialist techniques of foreign manufacturers.
They provide a quality service and use the right spare parts. We supply quality hay baler twine from Finland, test it on the farm, and select the appropriate type for your specific baler. 
Agromax Group is a team of specialists with a higher education in agriculture. We understand the needs of farmers and we work on trust. We work for your success – so join us!
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