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Trioplast is a Swedish Industry Group with a little over 1000 employees and a turnover of about 4 billion SEK. The Group is one of Europe’s leading actors in creative and cost-efficient packaging solutions based on polyethylene film. Trioplast develops, produces and distributes film and packaging material for use in a variety of industries and businesses. Agriculture, farming, hygiene and medical, construction, energy and waste handling to name a few. Our part in your business should always work Trioplast has a leading position in Europe when it comes to polyethylene film for agriculture, producing industry, hygiene and the medical area. The reason for the market position today is mainly due to our long-term relationships and active dialogs with customers and partners. Actually, we can only grow together and the result is a customer offer that is filled with added value such as product quality and high service level, but also new innovative solutions based on our customers needs. In other words, we always make sure that our part in your business always works.

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