V-MIX Fix 8-24 m3 stationary mixers

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V-MIX Fix 8-24 m3 stationary mixers


Power mixing auger (standard)

The power mixing auger is the heart of the V-MIX Plus. It sets itself apart by its gentle and smooth mixing process. The power mixing auger owes its efficiency to the adjustable knives on the mixing auger flights, the Hardox mounting rails at the beginning of the flight and on the discharge arm as well as the slim design of the body. Our 35 years of experience in manufacturing vertical mixing augers shows in every detail!


    Welded-on anti-spill ring (standard)

    The V-MIX Plus comes standard with a welded-on anti-spill ring. The anti-spill ring prevents the fodder from spilling over the edge of the container during mixing and while you are opening bales. In addition, the design of the anti-spill ring adds tremendous extra stability to the mixing hopper


    Robust high-capacity conveyor belt

    BvL conveyor belts shine during daily and professional use thanks to their rubber belt that has a thickness of 6 mm and sports a double reinforced textile rubber lining. The two large deflection rollers are designed as cage rollers and ensure non-slip operation even in adverse weather conditions. The powerful drive of the conveyor belt is made up of only one hydraulic motor.


Consistent discharge

BvL's patented EDS system (Exact Dosing System) provides for an exceptionally consistent discharge of the fodder - even without a conveyor belt. The fodder can be discharged simultaneously on both sides through the two discharge openings on the side. The patented rubber bellows on the EDS doors prevent your animals from reaching the side doors, thereby minimizing their risk of sustaining injuries on their head and muzzle.

Control-switch cabinet

The V-MIX Fix is available with a control-switch cabinet which makes working with this stationary mixer even more convenient

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