V-LOAD Cutter Megastar silage block cutter

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V-LOAD Cutter Megastar silage block cutter


Everything at a glance!

  • up to 2.95 m3 of unloading capacity
  • patented double-blade cutting system
  • perfect silage cutting surface
  • avoidance of reheating
  • front and rear installation

Double-blade cutting system with split blade

The V-LOAD Cutter Master is equipped with our one of a kind double-blade cutting system with split blade. This innovative system features one split, counter-rotating knife blade that guarantees an exceptionally steady and smooth cut.

Preservation of the storage density

The clean and steady cut achieved by the double-blade system results in less reheating and, consequently, lower losses in storage density. What is more, our technology also helps prevent loosening, which keeps oxygen from penetrating the silage.


Smooth and clean silage clamp face

The cutting knives we use for our silage block cutters are all made from wear-resistant quality steel. When combined with our intricate double-blade cutting system, the knives provide for a smooth and clean silage clamp face over the long term.

Powerful unloading

Our 40 years of experience are evident in the powerful unloading performance of this BvL silage block cutter. The high level of unloading performance of up to 3.65m³/min is guaranteed by the combination of high-quality materials and elaborate technology.

Nearly maintenance-free equipment

Straightforward and highly sophisticated at the same time, the technology we apply turns our BvL silage block cutter into a nearly maintenance-free system. The V-LOAD Cutter Master truly shines wherever the capacity to remove large quantities is required every day.

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