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The patented air current technology Air Flow

Boasting two chambers sheltered in the housing, the design of the BvL straw blower delivers powerful straw ejection that is supported by air flow. The built-in wind charger creates suction that reliably draws the straw into the blower, increasing the throwing performance at the same time.



Modular design - spread the material wherever you want

 We have grouped the models of our BvL V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower into two categories: a direct ejection model (standard) and a model that comes with an (optional) hydraulic slewing control. While limiting you to one side, direct ejection lets you spread the material with an adjustable throw distance and a throw direction than can be regulated by 20° on either side. The hydraulic slewing control offers you the additional option of pivoting the tower by 190°. The throw distance is adjustable.



Spread material over a distance of up to 20 m and process 250 kg of straw per minute

The powerful straw blower allows for throw distances of up to and, at times, more than 20 meters and can handle straw quantities of up to 250 kg per minute. Cut down your bedding time and take full advantage of the BvL V-Comfort Turbo straw blower.



Powerful mechanical drive

Rugged drive: The mechanical drive powering the straw blower delivers both excellent performance and zero losses. A friction clutch keeps the system from overloading, reliably protecting all drive components and affording you safe and trouble-free operation.


Front or rear - where do you want to install your straw blower?

The BvL straw blower can be fitted to the front or the rear of a BvL mixer wagon. Both options let you choose between the standard direct ejection or a hydraulic slewing control (see information provided further above). This versatility allows you to pick the straw blower that fits the bedding requirements of your barn best. 


Space-saving installation on the V-MIX mixer wagon

Since fitted parallel to the mixing hopper, the straw blower does not take up any unnecessary space. A machine combination of mixer wagon and straw blower will remain ultra-compact despite the power and high capacity of the straw blower. Thanks to the slanted direct installation of the unit, the straw passes directly from the mixing hopper into the straw hopper.



Health and safety always comes first!

Built in as a standard feature, the stone trap keeps everyone perfectly safe from foreign objects entangled in the straw. Cleaning is quick and easy and merely requires a kick with your foot.



Our BvL V-COMFORT Turbo straw blower is highly distinguished!

We asked the DLG to poke and prod our straw blower and run it through its paces. You will find the report prepared by the DLG on our website under Downloads or at:http://www.dlg.org/strohgeblaese_v-comfort-turbo.html 

Better still, our straw blower garnered further acclaim by receiving the Inel D'OR, an award bestowed by the French publishing house used by France Agricole. We notched this award primarily thanks to our innovative Air Flow technology.


The development of our V-COMFORT Turbo was sponsored by:

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