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  • capacity: 1 - 1.7 m³
  • adjustable discharge opening for different discharge quantities
  • conveying rollers inside the container
  • automatic safety system
  • front and rear installation

Safety shut-off (standard)

The built-in tipping sensor prevents the agitation tines of the dosing rollers from starting up by accident when the V-COMFORT Bedding is tipped down. The sensor detects the tipping angle of the bedding implement and prevents operation unless the implement is in a safe position: Increased safety for people.


Adjustable to work with different bedding materials (standard)

The V-COMFORT Bedding is a true all-rounder: ideal for spreading small and large quantities across high bed and deep bed cubicles, respectively. The discharge opening that opens up to the fast-running conveyor belt can be adjusted to fit the requirements of the material that is to be spread.

Wear-resistant leading edge (standard)

The exceptionally wear-resistant leading edge made of HARDOX material makes it possible to easily pick up the materials you want to spread.

Front and rear installation

As this bedding implement is suitable both as a front attachment to a loader and for three point linkage, you can use the V Comfort Bedding in exactly the way that meets the requirements of your business.


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